Thursday, October 8, 2009

day four of princessification 2009

tools of the trade: white craft paint, glaze, sponges (ew gross, i know - sponge-painted walls. i make fun of it publicly, then show proof that i use sponges. woops!) for cloud-making, a giant purdy and some rags.

this is after i did the first coat of clouds...verrrry light and faint... (by the way, the fan is being replaced with a sweet little pink crystal chandelier fan)

here is the end result. i had to dark the picture a lot so that you could actually something! they are very light and sweet clouds - i wanted to keep them simple, and not too cartooney. they aren't totally done, but it's the general look. do you feel like you are peering out of a castle turret, to the sky? :)

here you can see very faint lines of where i drew in the sketch for the sweet little "windows that will be along the pink areas. there will be four - every other wall in the octagon has a window penciled in. tomorrow they will be painted!

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