Thursday, October 22, 2009

clock progress.

so, i told you that i can't take credit for this one - i give credit where credit's due, and this is to miss michelle at three men and a lady blog. she showed her sunburst mirror project a while back, and i thought it was genius! 

i loooove the vintage feel of these mirrors, but they're often in metallics that have really worn and gotten yucky over time. in the case with mine, it was actually a clock, in the center of a plastic-mold like thing, and had some broken pointy things. i snapped off a few of them, and thankfully, was able to glue them back on every other spoke to make a nice consistent look, and to keep the vintage feel.

as you saw from the pics i posted earlier, i glued bamboo skewers onto the back of the clock, in a pattern that i just sort of made up as i went along. 

then, i spraypainted everything white, with leftover spraypaint i already had. i took the little hands off the clock before i sprayed it, and cut out a piece of paper to cover the clock's face. i cleaned the face once i was done painting, and now i just have to put the hands back on!

doesn't it just look lovely lying on our parking lot floor? heh...i moved it from the dropcloth so you can get the drift of what it will look like hanging over our bed! i am going to paint our walls dark this weekend, and this will be the statement piece hanging above the bed. i think the silhouette will be nice...and for such a bold piece, i paid only $5!

incase you missed it, this is what the clock looked like initially (and those little pointer-things are what i was talking about when i said i snapped them off, then glued them back on, on top of every other outside curly-cue) :


  1. beautiful!!!!! makes me want to spray paint SOMETHING... anything!

  2. that's always my goal, haha. spraypaint is sent from heaven!

  3. That looks awesome! cant wait to see what it looks like hanging on the wall!
    Well done!

  4. Looks like a beautiful snowflake! It's amazing how you can paint something a different color, and all of a sudden it's a brand new piece. Love it!

  5. LG- thanks! i'm hoping to get it painted this weekend!

    hayley- you're right, it does look like a snowflake! i'm only gonna think of that when i see it.....