Friday, October 16, 2009

cabinet color

since we are finally approaching a closing date here, i am getting mentally prepared to do a lot more painting! the first thing i said when jordan found these condos, and brought me to look at them, was that, although the kitchen appliances and overall kitchen look was clearly "nice" (black granite countertops, cherry-stained cabinetry, and a beigey stone backsplash with black/stainless appliances, for the visual), it was definitely NOT my style, and i would be painting the cabinets. he agreed that that was okay, and gave me the ok to paint them when the time came. 

i've always loooved nicole from making it lovely's kitchen, and crisp white cabinetry. more than likely, i will paint our cabinets white, but it is fun to dream about...

mustard-colored cabinets! (when i came up with the color mustard yellow for the kitchen, i googled images of mustard cabinets, and this is the only photo i found. i actually remember the photo from a domino magazine story about cooking)
though i do love the mustard cabinets, i think the combo of those with our black countertops would read too "bee"-like to me (i'm weird), so i probably wouldn't do that. it's a cute look though. 

more than likely, i will spice up the white cabinets with cool new hardware. 

has anyone ever retiled on top of existing tile? or is that stupid? it's probably not smart. how do you remove tile? is it hard? i really hate the "stone" backsplash we have...suggestions?


  1. You could tile over tile, but I wouldn't. I'm not sure how you would finish the edges if you did that...

    Anyway, I would tear it out (baby sledgehammer will do well for that, and a crow bar to pry off the pieces, putty knife too). Depending on what is behind there (could be drywall, could be hardibacker or greenboard, it may be that you end up ripping it out down to the studs. Just replace that with a backing (drywall, hardibacker, greenboard, anything like that - screwed into the studs), and tile over it.

  2. try googling? found this:

  3. Keep the left over broken tiles for some fabulous mosaic project!

  4. wow, thanks for all the advice guys....i am a little nervous to do all the tearing out...i'm sure i could doooo it...its just a lot of work! but i would LOVE to do a cool subway tile backsplash with colored glass...or maybe even white, like at our old house. we shall see!

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