Saturday, September 12, 2009

vintage find o' the week

found these babies at a goodwill here in atlanta this week! they say "scandanavian woodworks" on the bottom, and are in pretty decent shape. there were 3 at the store, but i bought 2 since i thought it was a more "workable" number. gosh, i need a warehouse or store! :)

i think they will be relatively easy to clean up (just a few scuff marks on the wooden frames, no refinishing needed), and simple to reupholster with a fun fabric. i am excited! i'm not sure where they will go, but i love them. did i mention they were 6.50 each? you can see, mika loves them too. he loves giving my "new" furniture a proper sniffing and wearing-in.


  1. If you appreciate these chairs, you'd be in heaven in my mother-in-law's house with all of her vintage Scandinavian furniture. No. Doubt.

  2. i do!! as long as it's from the '50's/60's/70's....bring it! tell her if she ever wants to get rid of anything....CALLLLL MEEEE

  3. I see we have the same love for vintage furniture. These chairs are FABULOUS