Tuesday, September 22, 2009

urban outfitters furniture & a pillow

here is some furniture i've been stalking from urbanoutfitters.com. they have a lot of great furniture on their site, but i am wondering about the quality. does anyone have an insight on this? their prices are affordable, but i am wondering about the lasting power of the stuff!

love this chair oh-so-much! i am considering this for our family room (it matches the current furniture nicely, and i love the pattern)
this chair would blend right in with the sofa i just got:
this little white bench is perfect for propping your feet up:
and finally, i just ordered two of these pillows from nenavon's etsy shop


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  2. You can't really tell the quality of furniture from a picture. You need to touch and feel the fabric and see it to really know if it's worth buying. But if you really are looking for a good price online, I don't see anything wrong with the furniture in your pictures. Both of the chairs look gorgeous!

    Take care, Ella

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