Sunday, September 13, 2009

tv/storage solution

as i sit and wait to do all the decorating to this condo that i want to do, i am processing a LOT of design information and photos, and coming up with lots of storage/design solutions to problems in our home that i want to solve. i figure i can at least plan for what i want to do eventually, right?

a big problem we face is the issue with our media area. we have a large tv right now (eventually would like to get a smaller one, but that's on the back burner, really), a record player/speakers, and lots of media to store (plus, i keep some off-season clothes in our storage area now!). there is a pretty significantly sized wall for all of this stuff to fit onto, and i am trying to find the best solution to make use of the space, while making it a bit prettier in the process. i don't like the weird light that came with the condo, so when we finally close, we plan to replace it. it's just odd and ugly. anyway, i was playing around on the ikea website this morning, and dragged these photos of the "lack" coffee table, plus two "expedit" bookcases that i think, when combined together like this, make a nice media center. what do you think?

i put them on my homescreen, so i could kind of see what they would look like all lined up, then did a screen shot to post here. i don't have fancy graphic design skillz, but i thought it was decent. i need to do a proportion drawing (ahhh, math -- no fun), but i think it might work. it is the perfect size (i did a LITTLE measuring) for the area, and you can even add drawers to the shelves if you want. and best of all? i could get ALL of this for only $200.00.

catch what i'm doing here? tv would go on "coffee table" (it's deeper and shorter than the regular 'lack' tv stand, and will hold our large tv, and the flat screen when we decide to go for that)

here is my drawing (on my calendar, heh!) of what i think it will look like, and the two "pendant" lights hanging above the shelves. i think it'll be nice, because everything is pretty small in scale, so it will fit nicely into the size of our condo, rather than a lot of the HUGE pre-planned storage solutions that ikea has.

then, i'm thinking above the two shelves, i would install a '70's style pendant lamp above each one, to continue with the balanced look, and to add a little pizazz to the console area. i love these classic wooden pendants from design within reach...
and just because i thought it was fun, here is a collection of different midcentury pendant lights:


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