Wednesday, September 2, 2009

spraypaint 4 lyfe

here are some photos of a recent spraypaint adventure - there have been lots of them in my life recently. 

i found these faux bamboo frames at a thrift store the other day for around $1 each, and immediately thought they would be super cute in a high-gloss solid-coat paint, so i brought them home, and got to work! here they are all sad and au naturel:
and after! much cuter. i did have problems with the white spraypaint i was using (i think it was a faulty can - the sheen was not "gloss" at all, but i had already gone back to the store once for another new [faulty] can, so it will just have to stay until i decide to redo it!)
the green, however, turned out exactly as i had envisioned:
close up. i think the high-gloss makes a big difference here. you can really see the bamboo pattern when there is a high gloss, because it creates a lot more shadow and pulls the light onto it. love it!

by the way, this is a picture from a postcard collection i have -- i am low on 5 by 7 photographs! 

the duo:


  1. you inspire me so much with all of your diy projects. love looking at your blog.

  2. oh, good! thanks! i recently was browsing your's too - love it, i will be back for more inspiration! :)