Sunday, September 6, 2009

new buffet piece

here is a piece i painted this week for the atlanta boxer rescue auction here in atlanta. as you can see, the "before" was really....hideous! haha. a friend of mine and myself always joke that burgundy & hunter green are the worst--yet previously intensely popular--color combo ever. buuuut, i was happy to paint it, because of the great lines and the pretty square woodwork in the centers of the doors.

mandatory before/after pic:

detail of "distressing"

these photos were taken in what is my current workroom (which is a total mess), so please forgive the background; i plan to take some prettier shots when i can move this puppy downstairs!

if you ever see something you like, i'm always open to commissioned work! email me at :)


  1. I am such a sucker for buffets. Nice job!

  2. beautiful...such an improvement!!

  3. Great buffet! Just curious.... did you prime the piece first and what was the application tool you used...paint brush, roller, etc. Thanks!

  4. hi, lena. thanks! i didn't prime it, i just sanded it really well. when you are doing this "rub off" technique to pieces, you can't really prime them, because then you lose the wood underneath, which is what i wanted to show along the edges to make it look "worn".

    i used mainly an angled purdy brush for paint application, and i usually use latex, furniture-quality paint (i love lowe's valspar brand the best, out of all paint brands). :)

    good luck!!