Tuesday, September 1, 2009

new (old) sofa

i swear my house doesn't smell like mothballs.

anyway, a few weeks ago, right after we moved into our new (smaller) home, i was browsing the aisles of a nearby thrift store, when i saw this beauty in the distance. i realize, to some of you, it's not such a beauty, but it's exactly what i wanted when i was sofa-shopping last winter. i settled for a sofa that turned out to be not quite what i was thinking, and have been living with it since december of '08. it was fine, but when i saw this guy, it was exactly what i wanted all along! clean lines, that sort of 'vintage' look (because it is vintage, hehe), and in awesome shape. even jordan likes it! :)

she had a couple of stain-y spots, so i bought some "oxy deep" cleaner, did what the bottle said, and BAM!, stains gone. magic. now i'm kind of obsessed with that product.

nyway, i got this guy for only $25! when i saw it, i immediately started thinking "how can i get this to my house (i have a tiny car), how do i get my old sofa out, will jordan hate it, etc, etc, etc", so i tried to talk myself out of it, but i just couldn't! it was too perfect, and exactly what i wanted. so, after i had the green light from jordan, and a suggestion for a friend's truck usage, i called the friend, borrowed his truck, and went and got it all by myself. magic, i tell you! i think this couch was sent to me from heaven.

the house is still a work in progress, and there are many improvements i want to make, but the furniture selection is coming along nicely, so that makes me happy.

and, here is mika in his new favorite place: the stairs. look at his cute little feet! hehe


  1. LOVE IT! What a steal. You're right about the lines being awesome and I'm so glad you got the stains out. It's a sofa miracle!


  2. More pictures of the new condo, PLEASE!!! lol


  3. sherry- it IS a sofa miracle! sent from baby jesus to my family room. hehehe

    g- the pics will come soon! i have to have things looking at least decent before i will post pics, so soon enough we will have some up! i have done a lot of painting stuff lately though, so i'll be back with those pics sooooooon!!

  4. Um..Oxy Deep, huh? My "ivory" couch is now brown.

    I love that couch so much. JG would not like it, I don't think, but I think it's great. For $25? Did you mean $250? $25? Fo real?

  5. yes, woolite oxy deep. target. it's for furniture/carpet amazing!! i got kind of obsessive about removing things that probably weren't even stains to begin with, just coloring in the fabric. heh!

    $25!! i know, right! jordan doesn't ever care about style- comfort is his main thing, and it's super comfy, so i got lucky :)

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