Monday, September 7, 2009

ideas on design & the perfect fabric

having decided that i think i need a little bit of a 'palette' to my home, (not JUST white), i have decided to go with these colors:

pale, sagey/baby/50's-style blue
chartreusey-gross '60's-style green (are you digging my color descriptions yet?)
pops of mustard (maybe?)

anyway, i decided that a few days ago, and stumbled upon this fabric that pretty much sums up my color palette, and is reminiscent of 50s and 60s style patterns! it's "dandelion clocks" by sanderson, and it's just my style. i'm having a hard time finding it here in atlanta, but hopefully my search won't be forever-long. i would love to have a couple of pillows made with it, or use it as a drapery/roman shade fabric. what do you think?

i also really love this photo from sanderson's website. i'm thinking the thing i like about it is that it's using mostly large pieces in a small space; something i think i have decided is the best bet when decorating a small space. i'm not sure if this is some kind of decorating rule, but in my brain it makes sense. less clutter, more quality. what is your take on this? since i have been in the poorhouse, saving for this annoying downpayment (hehe), i have mostly spent my free time perusing design magazines, blogs and books, and have come to this conclusion. i really would like to know thoughts on this. i think my tendency is to over-clutter space, when really the amount of open space should be balanced by the amount of items in the space.


  1. hi!

    now, i realise that after recently moving to australia, i'm not going to be very helpful when it comes to finding things in georgia. BUT! i love your colour palette and i've recently been getting excited over the exact same things decorating our new place.

    I randomly found these little print cards the last time I was at Ikea: As you can see, they are pretty much direct rip offs of Sanderson fabric and kind of amazing. I'm secretly holding out for them to introduce some even similar textile designs, because they seem to be heading in that direction with some of their other patterns. I'm crossing my fingers, since it would be roughly infinity cheaper than Sanderson fabric!

    And this I just have to show you because last weekend I FELL IN LOVE OMG with this arm chair which is disgustingly out of my price range, but it's in the exact fabric you just posted! (This store is amazing but ABSOLUTELY ABSURDLY PRICED and I can never see myself buying something there ever... but check it out, because it's super inspirational some of their stuff!)

    nikki, secret creeper on your blog. (i LOVE it.)

  2. hi nikki...woooooow at the ikea art card! i have been to ikea way too frequently lately, but i am so going again to get these are right, total sanderson rip-off! i hate to support that kind of thing, but i always try to think of it as "imitation is the best form of flattery", haha..(And it helps people that can't spend 100/yard on fabric, like me!!

    i really hope they make some fabric with those colors and that style...

    as for the chair- sooo cute. so cute. that is actually similar to the style of chair i found from urban outfitters that i was going to (eventually) purchase before i found my weird yellow-green chair lately...

    thanks for commenting! i was hoping some folks might respond! i have a stats counter, and i see that lotsa folks read my blog, but rarely does anyone comment. so thanks! keep 'em comin!!

  3. Ummmm... dont' worry about Ikea, right now we are pretty much living there. they are seriously adorable little prints, hey? i agree--- not everyone can afford to spend such ridiculous amounts of money on fabric, so i like to justify it as 'oh... she is probably just a designer for sanderson anyways...' completely a lie, no chance it's true, but it works!

    i am currently on the chair hunt right now and i kind of wish i hadn't found that store. its too ridiculously amazing. oh, by the way, i LOVE the chair you found. it's fantastic!! i have been looking at a vintage furniture wholesaler (the thrift stores are rubbish), but i don't have the reupholstering skills like you. Haha. It's going to be a long search!

    i will be sure to comment more!

  4. i mean, most artists can appreciate a little copying, right? :)

    i probably won't take on the reupholstering this time - i can do it okay in a pinch, but honestly, i ended up getting rid of the last chair that i reupholstered when we was about the fall apart, and after a while, my upholstering skills just aren't the same as when a professional does it! so i am going to eventually just pay someone else to do it so it lasts!

    you should check etsy for vintage retailers...there are lots on there! :)


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