Thursday, September 10, 2009

glass jugs

i love this photo i saw (i think!) here.

i can't really pinpoint why, but i love these big recycled-looking glass jugs lately, and really want a few for our family room. they're on my "list" :)

normally, they are used in a different type of look than what i go for, but i have decided i want a couple anyway, and this photo proves that they can look good with the style i like! 
i guess because they're so organic-looking, i assume they have to go in a very 'natural' setting...but i love them in this quirky set up!


  1. i have some of those! found them at t.j.maxx too. in fact, i think i have that very one in the front, with the long skinny neck! love 'em.

  2. i saw those too! when and if i decide to get some, i will get them either there or marshals :) i love their deals.