Thursday, September 24, 2009

getting there...

here is a sneak peak  at the piece i bought yesterday that i am currently re-doing...

here is the big bowl of the wrong color paint (on right) i initially mixed (i waste a lot of paint mixing colors, tsk tsk)
top left square: wrong color :(
coming along nicely, now. it's a putty color with a charcoal glaze on top, accented with the pale, dusty blue cut-outs...

i will officially post it up for sale tomorrow...stay tuned...


  1. Hi there! Found you from design sponge, I've been drooling over your blog all night! Would you mind if I posted some of your projects over on my blog? (credit to you, of course!) c'mon over and check it out!

  2. thanks, lindsey! of course you can post projects, i would love it. thanks! :)

    i will check out your blog now!

  3. You do know that this is the same chest that was in Sex and the City (the movie) where Carrie was in the Vogue offices getting offered the bridal spread? They had it in black with gold in the cut-outs, with round gold pulls. Gorgeous!

  4. elena: hah! i did not know that. you are very observant :) i love the little round gold pulls - i wish all 6 were still on there!! i plan to use the pulls in another project in the future though..


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