Thursday, September 3, 2009

genifer goodman sohr

as i've mentioned before in my blog, my mom and i used to be big fans of "budget living" magazine, and one of the articles that always caught my eye was the home of genifer goodman sohr. fumbling through my budget living book last night, i decided to look her up and see what she is up to (the book is about ten years old...the magazine died soon after that, so it's been a while since i've heard anything). 

i came across a lot of great photos and info, and was really inspired by these pictures that i found! her life just looks so cute, and, as you probably have gathered by now, i love all things vintage and colorful.

this is her step-daughter's bedroom. the little paper lanterns are from michael's in the 'martha stewart' section. i love the pillows she used, and the sweet silhouette above lucy's bed!

here is a photograph from "budget living" that i have dog-eared in my book. i love her balance of quirkiness, and using vintage items, but still keeping the space clean and the colors in unison. 
here is a (very tiny!) photo of a bedroom in her home. because i have perfected my stalking skills, i'm pretty sure the mustard colored sweated hanging on that (awesome) chair is the cardigan she wore at her equally cute wedding. 

this is also dog-eared in my budget living magazine. i find this photo very, very inspirational, and again, it is perfection in the use of balance and color. this is from an apartment she lived in in san francisco, i do believe. 
soon i plan to work my way into jordan's desk space, and make it this cute. ;)

*all photos are from a google search of her name, found in various blogs. most are from "domino" and "budget living"

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