Saturday, September 12, 2009

dahhhhlia console

***edit: SOLD***

i painted this today, and i am selling it for $150

 it would be a really nice "entryway" piece...for key-holding, flower-vase-holding, etc. oooor, it could be a tv console! orrrr, it could be a nightstand/dresser-- it'd be really pretty with a nice mirror hanging above it! whatever you dream! it's very sturdy, and could hold anything heavy.

the dimensions are:
21" deep
38.5" across
31" tall 

it has a ledge for a shelf inside, but doesn't actually have the shelf. the inside of the cabinet is painted the nice grey color as well. made entirely of real wood, and the cabinet doors work.

color is distressed/glazed grey paint, with black and white detail on the inserts, and chartreusey green ceramic knobs. i handpainted and distressed everything, and drew the little dahlias on myself. i love them! this is a great art investment piece, and something that is definitely an eye-catcher!

i am willing to ship, but am pricing it rather low so that hopefully i can sell it quickly and locally! i do not have a truck, so pick up is best! :)

what do you guys think? if you are interested in purchasing, please email me at

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