Wednesday, September 23, 2009

a couple of things i picked up

i got this great little chest/shelf thing at my favorite place to find old furniture that needs a new home today:

it's a great size, and i loooove the little framing on the insides of the doors. the frames are actually carved into the wood, so it adds some dimension to the piece. i am still deciding how i am going to spruce it up, but when i do, i will share it with you guys (it will be for sale eventually). it's the perfect size for an "entryway" chest, or for a dresser. i also love the little circular hardware, and am sad that only one is missing! bummer! hopefully i can find another to match, or i maybe another old set that is similar. 

i also found this cool midcentury lamp (i love the shade!) lets off a really nice, warm glow: