Sunday, September 20, 2009

children's rooms

one of my favorite places to gain inspiration for children's rooms, is the pottery barn kids magazines. surprisingly, they do a lot of decorative painting in their designed rooms in the magazines and on their website photos, which is really great for me when i am searching for new ideas and photos for clients. 

here are a few that are saved on my computer that i am dying to try out in future client's homes! 

these big blue-and-white graphic stripes make such a statement with the darker furniture in the room. i loooove this look: 
trees are really popular these days, and i find myself painting a lot of them! here is a sweet tree that is a little different than the ones i generally paint, but i love the leaves on it, and the way it is tucked under the sweet arch in the wall:
this is probably my favorite photo from a pottery barn magazine EVER. i always show clients this photo when i am doing a little girls' room...the 'tent' look is so sweet, especially when paired with the contrasting chandelier. it'd be a lot of work to do this, but how could would it be? if i don't get a client to do this soon, maybe i'll do it in my own home ;)
monograms are really popular here in atlanta, and i love this masculine "framed" look for a boys room:
sweet stripes, and i love the way that the designer of this room arranged the names and the picture frames. it's unique and looks nice with the stripe accent wall:
this silhouette of a traditional kids storybook (i believe it's the beatrix potter series?) is a wonderful way of playing on a theme without painting a giant peter cottontail on the wall. a problem i run into with lots of parents is that their children want a "themed" room, but the parent doesn't necessarily want all of the characters from "cars" painted on their wall :). an easy way to stay away from that bold look, and to make something a bit more tasteful is to do a silhouette, like this, or to incorporate pieces of the logo or characters from a movie by using colors and things reminiscent of the movie or book.
this upside-down pink and green scalloped wall is so pretty, and look how simple everything else in the room is! this is a cost-efficient way of getting a whole lotta bang for not near as much buck. you can keep your decor and furniture simple, but painting the walls in an interesting way can reallllllly liven up the space.
i love the look of these sort of vintage cars painted on the 'road' on the wall. kids would have a fun time rolling their toy cars across the wall too :)
this two-color map would be juuuust fine for any space -- kid or adult! i actually painted a map of lake lanier (a huge lake in north atlanta) on a clients lake house wall a few years ago, to celebrate the roads, rivers and coves of the lakes current state (when everyone was in fear of it's "dissapearance" with the drought!). it made a fun wall decoration for the area above their sofa.
this isn't painting, but i think it would be such a fun and inexpensive way of fancyin' up a little girl's wall. gluing faux flowers on the wall like this. so easy, and easy to clean up as well. you could do it with a hot glue gun, and whenever you were ready to take them down, i'm sure they'd just peel right off of an egg-shell-basecoated wall!

if you find yourself in the atlanta area (or thereabouts!) looking for some decorative wall or furniture painting, you can contact me at :)


  1. Can you please provide more information on the two-color map (the one with the tag at the bottom for Benjamin Moore's #805 paint color New York State of Mind)? Where did you find that picture? I'd love to know more about where to get the outline to make that map and where to buy the room accessories. Thanks!


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