Wednesday, September 16, 2009


here is a wee little spraypaint project i tacked this past weekend. i have had this plastic gold wall-hanging thingamabob for a while now, and decided i wanted it to look a bit more graphic, so i grabbed some mustard colored spraypaint i already had and went to town on it...

after! i love the silhouette... and the grey-blue and mustard color combo makes me happy every time i go to the bathroom ('s hanging above our toilet).

side note: i should probably create a sidebar titled "things i have spraypainted"


  1. AWESOME! I love it. I also think you might be single handedly responsible for the current phase I'm in-- wanting to spray paint pretty much every picture frame I find, everywhere. IN GOLD. disaster, but i can't help it.

  2. hehe thanks! spraypaint is so awesome. i get way too excited when i am at a crafts store that sells it in loooots of colors. :) let me know how your spraypaint adventures turn out

  3. i love spray paint! where did you get your thingamabob? it is so cool!

    (i found you via DesignSponge)

  4. I love this and your blog! Just added you to my google reader after seeing your feature on design sponge!

  5. erin- i got it at a thrift store, yearssss ago. they are always there, they are just usually really ugly colors! they are so easy to spray paint though!

    LG- yay, thanks! your desk was awesome too!!