Friday, September 4, 2009

as it is

once again, in an attempt to make little notes on my home, improvements and things i'd like to do, i'm posting some photos of our family room in its current state. it is by no means "done" (i guess they never are!), but i can at least show the progress i've made so far. and actually, i just rearranged again yesterday, so there was another look before this one. i love moving things around...jordan is not so much a fan of it. :)

anyway, here is the family room before i painted and arranged it. this is also with the old sofa. you can't tell how yellow the walls were in this picture, but they were certainly warm. 

here is the current set up. it's a really small space, so i am trying my best to utilize it to its best potential. i now have the little tv/family area to the left, near the kitchen, and jordan's desk to the right, in the corner. i am trying to separate the two areas. also, i don't like his desk, but he's inexplicably attached to it, so it's not goin' anywhere for now. :) i've painted the walls, the little coffee table (actually, it's had 3 different paint jobs since we moved in, and i am eventually going to get a piece of glass cut for the top of it, to make it more durable and add some shine to the room). i also have another little basket table (that is a DIY project i will show you guys, eventually) that is going to go in place of the orange/white table when i get a piece of glass cut for the top of it, as well. 

i also would like to get some sort of shag rug (without too high of a pile...any suggestions?), and to get that chair recovered. 
here is the tv/record player console area. i need to move the mirror somewhere else, or put something different above that entire space, but i haven't decided what yet. we also plan to get a different tv eventually, so that monster guy won't be hogging all the space. (sorry, i know i keep talking about plans of getting different things, but we have to close on the home before we can do stuff like that, know what im sayin?) also, i can't really decide if i like what i've done with the wooden piece i stripped, so something altogether different may take the place of this furniture, when i get the right look in mind. it'd be nice to have some sort of big shelving system from ikea that would hold media stuff like cd's, books, dvd's etc. in progress!

here is a view looking into the room, just so you get an idea of the set up. i still need something for the right side of the wall (maybe?), and i want to eventually do something different with the curtains. i'd like to maybe hang them from a panel that almost touches the ceiling so that it makes the ceiling seem taller... that's pretty far down on the "needs" list though.

jordan's workspace...don't you think a white parsons desk would be WAY cuter here, maybe with some small shelves from ikea to hold things on that left side wall? i put the two white file boxes in front of the desk like that to help hide the desk. i know it's not an awful desk, its just not my style, so it really bugs me! i can't help it. :(

here is a view of just the desk area that i took last night. notice how a bobble-head doll graces our living room. yep. lovely.
what do you guys think? any ideas or suggestions for the things that i need?


  1. I think it looks fabulous already! You have done so much, so quickly. The only thing I would add would be maybe throw pillows that captured the tomato red of the side table and the citrony-mustard of the occasional chair? Just an idea. Keep up the fantastic work!

  2. thanks! yeah, that was something i forgot to mention! i actually had my eye on two throw pillows from pottery barn last weekend that were just simple white, but i couldn't decide what route i wanted to take with the whole pillow thing (solids, neutrals, or pattern?), so i am just waiting until something hits me! i do love both of the colors you mentioned, though...

  3. It looks good. Ahem, I have that desk too, and I'm also attached and totally offended that you hate it. Kidding. I have that desk. It's from Target. Why does Jordan love it so much?

    Everything looks so clean...I like all the white. :)

  4. thannnnks. i like the clean white, but there are lots of changes i want to make in all departments. heh. patience, patience.

    funny you say that...apparently everyone has that desk? it's not really that i hate the desk, its just not good for our space issue at all. it's not even that big of a desk, but in our little living room, its toooo biiiig. plus, the stain color is way off for my white look :)

    no idea why he's so attached...he mainly just finds something he likes, and doesn't want to change it. i'm the opposite! hehe

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