Friday, September 25, 2009

another console for sale!

new console for sale! i finished this last night, and it is now ready to find a home. :)

it is 16" deep, 30" across and 31.5" high. it would be perfect as a little entry way table, to drop keys on, or set a vase of flowers on; or, it could be perfect for a little dressing table or night stand for a large bed. i could also see it in a kids room or nursery. 

i am asking $125, and am willing to ship, though i'd prefer to sell locally. it is pretty light, so shipping wouldn't be as difficult as a heavier piece (i am able to move it by  myself, without assistance).

it's a light putty color, with charcoal glazework and pale, smokey blue inlay work. the knobs are ceramic and off-white. 

 i painted the inside as well, so it is clean and has one sturdy shelf. i could see this as a changing table as well! (notice how i had to saw little divots into the shelf so that the knobs could fit. did you know i was a carpenter? hehe)

email me at if you are interested in purchasing. 


  1. Love your color choices! that looks awesome

  2. thanks! i hope other people like my color choices too, i wasn't sure if they were too "crazy".. haha


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