Monday, August 31, 2009

that jonathan adler is a genius

i know this has been written about in many interior design blogs and elsewhere (including this), but of course i had to make mention of it...jonathan adler designed a barbie dream house (in malibu, overlooking the ocean, natch!) for barbie's 50th anniversary. the house is incredibly over-the-top, but who better to design it than adler? he executed it perfectly, and i love that he isn't afraid to do things that are on the verge (ok, past the verge...maybe jumping on top of the verge?) of TOTALLY WRONG. ha! 

the living area is decked out in chandeliers and tassels made of barbie's luscious blonde locks (which is worse: tassels, or tassels made of glorious blonde barbie hair?) and one room houses two giant hot pink poodle statues. (!!!)

here is where barbie rests her pretty little blue eyeshadow-slathered lids: (notice the dozens of pairs of pink heels in the closet!)
here is the room with the pink poodle statues (and notice the vintage barbie mirror adorning the fireplace! love it) and barbie would have a big pink rug with B's all over it..
and here are some commemorative pieces you can buy that adler designed for the celebration. my favorites are the canisters (in adler's signature style! ah, so genius, he is!) labeled "eyelashes", "peroxide" and "glitter." so funny. 

i just love his take on design. i think design, in general, is far too stuffy (especially here in the south! is it just me?) and it makes me happy for a designer that is incredibly successful to be so kitschy, funny and unafraid of taking things too far with a theme. :) you know what we can learn from this, kids? have FUNNNNNNN in your home! every room needs a little quirky touch! don't be scared! what are you quirky touches? i have several...too many, probably, but who cares!