Friday, August 7, 2009

real simple

sorry i have been so MIA the past week, guys! as i think i mentioned before, we moved, so i have been internet-less other than my blackberry...but i'm back! 

i was told that holly from decor8 wrote about my blog on her real simple blog today! so exciting :) thanks, holly! she just did a little write-up about my work with before & after's on furniture, which is my favorite medium. i can't wait to get some time to do some more furniture work in the near future. so many ideas, so little time. anyway, please check out the feature! and, if you ever have a furniture "commission" that you would want, i am always open to ideas :)



  1. YAY! how awesome. congrats girly. :-) you're on your way huh? rock on!

  2. aw, thanks! :) i hope so! haha