Monday, August 17, 2009

monogram bebe room

found the usb cord, hurrah! now i have lots of pics to show. first things first (and one of my personal favs) this is sweet baby ally grace's room. she isn't born yet, but her mom is working hard on her room! this was actually another "commission" from interior designer jessica duncan here in atlanta.

jessica chose these sweet-but-not-too-baby fabrics for ally grace's room, including this sort of spicy salmon color, which is the color i used to paint the design and monogram: (there was also a really great pattern that had monkeys on it in the room, but i didn't take a picture of it!)
this is her changing table, and jessica wanted me to take the pattern that was in the center top part of it, and work her monogram into it for the wall design, above her crib:

here it is in the room:
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