Monday, August 24, 2009

life of my poor console

this is a peek into the recent life of my tv console. my mom picked it up at a yardsale for me a few years ago, and i loved its little angled feet and the mid-century design of it. it was wood, in decent shape when i first got it (with its original hardware), but after about a year, i decided to paint it royal stayed royal blue for about another year, and then a month or so ago, i decided to strip the paint off of it. here are pics of it mid-bubbly while the paint is being stripped...

here i am, after realizing that stripping paint off of furniture is a) a horrible chore b) not intended for attempting while you are trying to pack your entire house up to move
this is when i finally began to see the light at the end of the tunnel with paint removal:
and, towards the end - SANDFEST (i hate sanding)
anyway, it left me with a piece of furniture that's alllmost blue-paint-free (except for on the feet of it, and some other assorted hard to reach spots...argh!), but still not in the best shape, so i am still kind of deciding what to do with it. this weekend, i applied this pretty paper from the paper source on the doors:
a work in progress, i guess. it's a fun challenge, at least :)