Friday, August 28, 2009

lamp ideas

i am a collector of many things, and lamps are one of those things. though i really narrowed down my lamp collection when we moved into this smaller space, i still kept 2 in my 'decor supplies' file. :)

*  *  *

did i already show you guys this? i can't remember. it's in my 'interior inspiration' file of photos on my computer. when we finally close on this condo, i am going to paint my office/studio/desk all white and clean except for my brightly spraypainted lamp! i have been spraypainting lamps for years, and already have one in my vault-o-lamps that is similar to this orange one. it was originally brass like the one on the 'before' photo here, then i painted it silver...then red...and now it's white. but, i think i might paint it orange? or maybe kelly green? so much to paint before i begin to worry about painting my white lamp, but i look forward to it. 

for the shade, i really love this linen straight side drum lamp shade from pottery barn. it's nice that they have a collection of good quality, well-made lamp shades for sale, so you can mix and match lamps & shades.


  1. Just saw your table on craigslist...I love it....but really love that orange lamp!Is it listed?

  2. Lovely home decorations. Fit for my new condo.

    Paula M

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