Thursday, August 13, 2009



i've decided (i think) on colors for my new home. i want to keep all rooms in a similar palette so that it's all cohesive with each other. that was something that kind of bothered me about my last home - a little too un-matchy. i also want to keep everything light and airy since it's a smaller space, with a few pops of color (who knows, in a few months i could be painting a room fuschia - something i've considered.). anyway, my idea is this:

family room: white
hallways: white
kitchen: white
mine and jordan's room: a super-light dove grey
bathroom: i think im going to try and do a "print" to look like wall paper, but it will be hand painted. i don't have $200 to spend on a roll (or more!) of wallpaper right now, so i want to mimic this print by lena corwin from the curiosity shoppe:

isn't it pretty? i love how quiet and serene, but still playful it is. i think i will probably just paint the walls the same color of blue that is in mine and jordan's room (the background color on this photo), and then make a stencil or block stamp to look like that circular pattern. it probably won't be exactly like this, but something similar. anyway, that's my plan. i still don't know what color i will paint my 'studio', but i think it will be last on the projects train. there is sooo much to do. so much. 


  1. i just love conversations that go on in the minds of decorators. i would never be quite that strategic, but it obviously shows when you do :)

  2. haha...i am strategic pretty much ONLY when it comes to things such as these :)

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