Tuesday, August 25, 2009

grey & yellow side table

edit: *sold!*

i just re-did this sweet table i found this past weekend...it needed a little tlc, but i loved the design on the top of the table part, and style of it. 
here is the before:
after! i painted it a nice dove grey, and applied decorative paper to the fronts of the drawers. after all of that, i got these pretty black glass knobs at anthropologie and attached them. 

it makes a really sweet little side table or a table to hold your keys & purse when you come in the door! measures about 26" high, and the two drawers hold knick-knacks nicely. it's real wood, and rather heavy.
here is a detail shot of the top design, which i love! pretty unique. 
she is a little funky, because she has two normal legs, and two skinnier (probably broken) legs, but we love her all the same :) also- she doesn't wobble, just fyi! 

(it's noticeable, but i actually didn't realize anything was weird until i got home...you sort of have to be staring at the table to notice it!)

here is a detail shot of the paper pattern. it's kind of darker in this photo, so i tried to lighten it to get the paper color properly represented, but you get the drift. the paper is a sort of lemon-yellow.
i am asking $90 for this sweet little side table. it's a unique piece, and sure to capture peoples' attention...and to make you smile when you look at it! i won't have it for long before i put it in a store, so if you are interested, please email me at kristen.fountain@gmail.com 


  1. I like how you used decorative paper to cover the drawers! Great idea!

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