Monday, August 31, 2009

grandpa chair

this weekend i dog-sat for my dad's dog while he was out of town. he lives in the 'burbs of atlanta, so i hit up a few salvation armys while i was there. i found this awesome chair last thursday, and was thrilled to grab it for only $18! the store employees had named it "grandpa chair" because they were baffled by its appearance. i am really not sure how old it is, but i am guessing it's some sort of mid-century piece (50's? 60's?). the tops of the armrests have these carved triangular wooden areas (and one side has a flower carved into it), and the little swivel base piece has carved wood pieces on top of the metal. it does still have a tag on it (below the seat) that talks about the materials made, and even has a hand written signature by the person that "approved" the order (the tag looks very old). i would love to know more about the piece, and what decade it's from. does anyone have any ideas?

the upholstery is in good shape, but i would eventually like to get it reupholstered. i can't have all my furniture clothed in oldness ...which reminds me, i still have to tell you guys about my new (old) sofa! 

p.s. i found my camera charger and ipod. happy kristen

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