Saturday, August 29, 2009

file under 'miscellaneous:'

guys. i still can't find my camera charger. this is bad. very, very bad. i have looked pretty much everywhere (my ipod is MIA too...can't decide which is worse?) electronics, come back to me! 

side note: do you ever feel like you should be able to call things? for example, i sometimes catch myself thinking (really fast, for i am not that much of an idiot)...i should get jordan to call my ipod. no, kristen, it is not a phone, you can't do that. anyway. 

here is the cute coffee cup tree from sfgirlbybay that i told you about. so cute!

other funny thing: i saved this picture off of facebook into my "furniture inspiration album" from a friend's album because i love the kelly green dresser. i thought it was funny. 

also: that is my friend alex!