Monday, August 31, 2009

grandpa chair

this weekend i dog-sat for my dad's dog while he was out of town. he lives in the 'burbs of atlanta, so i hit up a few salvation armys while i was there. i found this awesome chair last thursday, and was thrilled to grab it for only $18! the store employees had named it "grandpa chair" because they were baffled by its appearance. i am really not sure how old it is, but i am guessing it's some sort of mid-century piece (50's? 60's?). the tops of the armrests have these carved triangular wooden areas (and one side has a flower carved into it), and the little swivel base piece has carved wood pieces on top of the metal. it does still have a tag on it (below the seat) that talks about the materials made, and even has a hand written signature by the person that "approved" the order (the tag looks very old). i would love to know more about the piece, and what decade it's from. does anyone have any ideas?

the upholstery is in good shape, but i would eventually like to get it reupholstered. i can't have all my furniture clothed in oldness ...which reminds me, i still have to tell you guys about my new (old) sofa! 

p.s. i found my camera charger and ipod. happy kristen

that jonathan adler is a genius

i know this has been written about in many interior design blogs and elsewhere (including this), but of course i had to make mention of it...jonathan adler designed a barbie dream house (in malibu, overlooking the ocean, natch!) for barbie's 50th anniversary. the house is incredibly over-the-top, but who better to design it than adler? he executed it perfectly, and i love that he isn't afraid to do things that are on the verge (ok, past the verge...maybe jumping on top of the verge?) of TOTALLY WRONG. ha! 

the living area is decked out in chandeliers and tassels made of barbie's luscious blonde locks (which is worse: tassels, or tassels made of glorious blonde barbie hair?) and one room houses two giant hot pink poodle statues. (!!!)

here is where barbie rests her pretty little blue eyeshadow-slathered lids: (notice the dozens of pairs of pink heels in the closet!)
here is the room with the pink poodle statues (and notice the vintage barbie mirror adorning the fireplace! love it) and barbie would have a big pink rug with B's all over it..
and here are some commemorative pieces you can buy that adler designed for the celebration. my favorites are the canisters (in adler's signature style! ah, so genius, he is!) labeled "eyelashes", "peroxide" and "glitter." so funny. 

i just love his take on design. i think design, in general, is far too stuffy (especially here in the south! is it just me?) and it makes me happy for a designer that is incredibly successful to be so kitschy, funny and unafraid of taking things too far with a theme. :) you know what we can learn from this, kids? have FUNNNNNNN in your home! every room needs a little quirky touch! don't be scared! what are you quirky touches? i have several...too many, probably, but who cares!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

atlanta boxer rescue + chair

i am painting a buffet this week for the atlanta boxer rescue's auction at their fundraising event, so i have been drawing inspiration from all kinds of different places. one of them being one of my favorites - knack! so many fun ideas, and very inspirational.

love, love, love this chair from knack studios (it's the owner's home).


inspiration photos from the selby:

this chair is lovely:

Saturday, August 29, 2009

file under 'miscellaneous:'

guys. i still can't find my camera charger. this is bad. very, very bad. i have looked pretty much everywhere (my ipod is MIA too...can't decide which is worse?) electronics, come back to me! 

side note: do you ever feel like you should be able to call things? for example, i sometimes catch myself thinking (really fast, for i am not that much of an idiot)...i should get jordan to call my ipod. no, kristen, it is not a phone, you can't do that. anyway. 

here is the cute coffee cup tree from sfgirlbybay that i told you about. so cute!

other funny thing: i saved this picture off of facebook into my "furniture inspiration album" from a friend's album because i love the kelly green dresser. i thought it was funny. 

also: that is my friend alex!

Friday, August 28, 2009

lamp ideas

i am a collector of many things, and lamps are one of those things. though i really narrowed down my lamp collection when we moved into this smaller space, i still kept 2 in my 'decor supplies' file. :)

*  *  *

did i already show you guys this? i can't remember. it's in my 'interior inspiration' file of photos on my computer. when we finally close on this condo, i am going to paint my office/studio/desk all white and clean except for my brightly spraypainted lamp! i have been spraypainting lamps for years, and already have one in my vault-o-lamps that is similar to this orange one. it was originally brass like the one on the 'before' photo here, then i painted it silver...then red...and now it's white. but, i think i might paint it orange? or maybe kelly green? so much to paint before i begin to worry about painting my white lamp, but i look forward to it. 

for the shade, i really love this linen straight side drum lamp shade from pottery barn. it's nice that they have a collection of good quality, well-made lamp shades for sale, so you can mix and match lamps & shades.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

grey & yellow side table

edit: *sold!*

i just re-did this sweet table i found this past needed a little tlc, but i loved the design on the top of the table part, and style of it. 
here is the before:
after! i painted it a nice dove grey, and applied decorative paper to the fronts of the drawers. after all of that, i got these pretty black glass knobs at anthropologie and attached them. 

it makes a really sweet little side table or a table to hold your keys & purse when you come in the door! measures about 26" high, and the two drawers hold knick-knacks nicely. it's real wood, and rather heavy.
here is a detail shot of the top design, which i love! pretty unique. 
she is a little funky, because she has two normal legs, and two skinnier (probably broken) legs, but we love her all the same :) also- she doesn't wobble, just fyi! 

(it's noticeable, but i actually didn't realize anything was weird until i got sort of have to be staring at the table to notice it!)

here is a detail shot of the paper pattern. it's kind of darker in this photo, so i tried to lighten it to get the paper color properly represented, but you get the drift. the paper is a sort of lemon-yellow.
i am asking $90 for this sweet little side table. it's a unique piece, and sure to capture peoples' attention...and to make you smile when you look at it! i won't have it for long before i put it in a store, so if you are interested, please email me at 

Monday, August 24, 2009

life of my poor console

this is a peek into the recent life of my tv console. my mom picked it up at a yardsale for me a few years ago, and i loved its little angled feet and the mid-century design of it. it was wood, in decent shape when i first got it (with its original hardware), but after about a year, i decided to paint it royal stayed royal blue for about another year, and then a month or so ago, i decided to strip the paint off of it. here are pics of it mid-bubbly while the paint is being stripped...

here i am, after realizing that stripping paint off of furniture is a) a horrible chore b) not intended for attempting while you are trying to pack your entire house up to move
this is when i finally began to see the light at the end of the tunnel with paint removal:
and, towards the end - SANDFEST (i hate sanding)
anyway, it left me with a piece of furniture that's alllmost blue-paint-free (except for on the feet of it, and some other assorted hard to reach spots...argh!), but still not in the best shape, so i am still kind of deciding what to do with it. this weekend, i applied this pretty paper from the paper source on the doors:
a work in progress, i guess. it's a fun challenge, at least :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

coffee mug home

once again, my friends, i have turned to my all-time favorite tool: spraypaint (is that a tool?)

i had been searching for a cute little coffee mug holder like sfgirlbybay had in her kitchen in the "DIY magazine" spread, and found an ugly forest green and wood one at a thrift store the other day for $2. there were some really cute options on etsy like this one in LadyFran's shop, but i couldn't resist the $2 option, and since i already had white spraypaint on hand at home, it was a win-win. sorry i didn't take a before pic, but just picture a 1995-mountain-home-style coffee mug holder. yeah. 

and here is the after! really pops with my cute little mugs, no? (and yes, that is a sneak peak of my newly painted chalkboard wall in the background!)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

all modern dot com

i love this bird pillow and especially this horse pillow from

they have TONS of cute pillows for happy prices....

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

green island!

i painted this kitchen island green/distressed last week. it was supposed to be sort of antiqued like the rest of the kitchen, but i convinced my client to do it green. so much more fun, and keeps the room from being too 'white'! you like?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

girl + horse

i haven't gotten as much done in the new condo as i would like, but i have painted the family room walls white and our kitchen now has a chalkboard wall that has been christened by both my brother and jordan's baby niece. success already! 

i've also hung these. various art work from friends, thrift stores and etsy. 

have a good day, friends

Monday, August 17, 2009

monogram bebe room

found the usb cord, hurrah! now i have lots of pics to show. first things first (and one of my personal favs) this is sweet baby ally grace's room. she isn't born yet, but her mom is working hard on her room! this was actually another "commission" from interior designer jessica duncan here in atlanta.

jessica chose these sweet-but-not-too-baby fabrics for ally grace's room, including this sort of spicy salmon color, which is the color i used to paint the design and monogram: (there was also a really great pattern that had monkeys on it in the room, but i didn't take a picture of it!)
this is her changing table, and jessica wanted me to take the pattern that was in the center top part of it, and work her monogram into it for the wall design, above her crib:

here it is in the room:
if you ever have a question about an estimate or want to talk about having me do work in your home (and you live in the atlanta area, or thereabouts!), please email me at!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


i realize i've just been posting photos of things that i like lately - sorry for that, friends. i can't find my camera cord. argh! i have lots of photos of recent projects to share, but can't find the ol' trusty usb cord, so until then, you get inspiration photos (plus, when i drink my coffee every morning, i've pretty much been either rifling through old 'domino' magazines or searching for inspiration home decor-related things, anyway). 

first things first, look at this cute table from knack studios. everything she does is so inspirational to me! i love her work. this piece reminds me of that issue of martha stewart magazine that came out a few months ago, featuring the contrasting color wood graining technique. this is what i'm talkin' about people! using faux painting techniques for good, not evil! haha. anyway, so cute!

there are sooo many cute etsy shops out there with great vintage goods, and i've been looking at a lot of them lately. i have a hard time buying 'vintage' goods from shops on etsy or elsewhere (when they can be found at thrift stores by your's truly for way less!), but junk culture's prices are definitely decent, and seeing everything with that crisp white background makes me love it more! sometimes it's nice to just indulge in "easy thrifting" (aka buying off the internet :), and this is one store i'd definitely go to for just that! check out these cute finds:

i'm totally into the blue of this apple shaped dish. i need a "fruit bowl" for my counter, and this one is in the final line-up:
absolutely LOVE the wood mixed with that sharp, bright, shiny yellow. plus, isn't the idea of fondue totally groooooovy? i love that it's not big and awkward and bulky like a lot of fondue sets. i am trying to push myself to be a better hostess/partythrower (ok, push myself to do this at ALL), and i think this would help me do just that:
this is probably my favorite thing on the junk culture etsy shop site. the pattern of the trees with the birds going from the top left of the plate to the bottom right is really beautiful (what is that about creating a path for the eye to follow in your work? georgia state art history professors should be proud....heh) i would probably mount this on the wall, rather than use it:
this clock is just too cute, and i love the font of the numbers:

ok, there you go. things i want! you better not snap 'em up. :)

*   *   *

hopefully i will be back soon with actual photos of stuff i've been up to lately!

Friday, August 14, 2009

mid-century furniture

i have been searching around for some cool mid-century pieces on craigslist, etsy, etc (i missed out on an awesome chair last night by waiting too long! argh!) and found some cute pieces lunar lounge design.

Thursday, August 13, 2009



i've decided (i think) on colors for my new home. i want to keep all rooms in a similar palette so that it's all cohesive with each other. that was something that kind of bothered me about my last home - a little too un-matchy. i also want to keep everything light and airy since it's a smaller space, with a few pops of color (who knows, in a few months i could be painting a room fuschia - something i've considered.). anyway, my idea is this:

family room: white
hallways: white
kitchen: white
mine and jordan's room: a super-light dove grey
bathroom: i think im going to try and do a "print" to look like wall paper, but it will be hand painted. i don't have $200 to spend on a roll (or more!) of wallpaper right now, so i want to mimic this print by lena corwin from the curiosity shoppe:

isn't it pretty? i love how quiet and serene, but still playful it is. i think i will probably just paint the walls the same color of blue that is in mine and jordan's room (the background color on this photo), and then make a stencil or block stamp to look like that circular pattern. it probably won't be exactly like this, but something similar. anyway, that's my plan. i still don't know what color i will paint my 'studio', but i think it will be last on the projects train. there is sooo much to do. so much. 


i will soon be doing a painting for this client's baby nursery based on these vintage prints. so cute! maybe i should get her to take pics of her whole house for a little 'house tour'...hehe....caroline? (like she doesn't have enough to do with her photography business, little boy, and baby on the way!)