Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"rubber" furniture

i'm back!

anyway, the other day, i was watching the "real housewives of new jersey" reunion show ( i know, i know, leave me alone), and was really diggin' the white louis IV-style white furniture on the set. i, for the life of me, couldn't find the brand name to show you guys a proper example of what it was, but it inspired me to DIY-it. i have seen a lot of designers play with this all-too-classic style of furniture (i guess because it is so traditional that lots of furniture designers feel the need to put their spin on it? i don't know), and this "rubberized" look is also a popular one. 

i had this old footstool sitting around, and decided to go to town on it! it didn't necessarily turn out exactly as i would like, but it definitely put a modern spin on a classic, and i think it'll be a cool white addition to my home. plus, the sheen on the paint i used makes it ultra-shiny, which adds a lot to the originally traditional piece. 

here is the table that was catching my eye. it's an all white piece, and the way that the paint (or whatever the substance it's made of is!) is applied, sort of lends to a look that reads like it was made from a mold, or something. 
so here is the piece that decided to attack when i was 'inspired'. i have had it a really long time...the turquoise blue blobs on it are from painting it in college to match something else i had. the staples sticking out of the side of it are from when i recently recovered the blue part in a white linen. 
i dumped primer on it! i wanted the white oil-based topcoat i used to really stick, and to get that 'molded' look, i thought it would be best to have THICK coats of paint on there, so i just dumped some primer on, then a layer of white oil-based paint after that dried. believe it or not, it actually didn't take that long to dry. about 24 hours for each layer. the hardest part is keeping from lumps and bumps!
here is my final outcome. pretty modern-looking right? i think it'll be cool paired with something really organic, like this old, wooden, worn-down chair that i have. unfortunately, it's really hard to keep from lots of drips! when you smooth them out, your paint brush sort of leaves marks, which isn't so desirable when you want it to be really smooth.

also, a couple of little lives were lost in the process. when i paint on my back porch, there are always gnats flying into the paint! i try to save them, but it's pretty impossible once their little legs are stuck in the paint :( sad.


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