Sunday, July 12, 2009

pleasurable treasurable

here are some treasures i found at a thrift store today. much to my sadness, we are moving soon, so i am trying to get pumped about the new place by telling myself that i have whole new decorating opportunities. the most distressing part is that the walls are tan. what will i do? anyway, here is some stuff i got.

mika digs for hidden treasures...
cat leg slash dish! i got this cool, handmade turquoise dish (that's a super-clean matte white finish on the outside) for only $1.01. i imagine putting it out to throw keys in or whatever. as i've mentioned before, i like finding handmade things at thrift stores and rescuing them. 
size reference. my hand looks super-veiny here. it's because i've been sitting out in the sun. woopsies. the marking on the dish is the "1.01" price tag - it'll be removed pretty soon here...

cute lil plastic containers that were only 1 dollar. for all 4! one dollar! i think it was supposed to be 7 dollars, but she typed "one" so whatever. i like them a lot. does it bother you how i switched back and forth between using letters to type out numbers and using actual numbers? sorry.
sweet glass jars (and one plastic jar) i will use for storage of either crafts or kitcheny thingies. the ones that have red on them are roses...i haven't cleaned them yet.
another handmade piece. a handpainted oil painting. the frame is also painted, which i appreciate. i love this painting and the colors in it - which are hard to really tell in this photo. sorry.
an old school print. which, actually, looks a lot like the painting that i painted over to make the "nouns dormons" painting that is in our bedroom. weird. i guess i just sort of like these morose looking, subtle landscapes. they look kind of like nancy drew illustrations, no? (p.s. i never read nancy drew but my brother was obsessed with the books. a little known--probably embarrassing--fact.)