Friday, July 3, 2009

painting knobz

so this may be a little bit of a foreign idea, or kind of seem like a dumb idea, but when it comes down to it, it's something that can be way thriftier than purchasing all new knobs (besides the fact that it's more eco-friendly).

i painted knobs that looked like this, originally, for a client. he had a huge kitchen that needed all-new hardware, and instead of purchasing around 60 new knobs, he just paid me to make them look like antiqued "blackened bronze" hardware. (i actually painted a brass tub faucet/knobs to look like this too. it worked really well, and was WAY more inexpensive than buying a new faucet, which can be around $250 for the cheap ones! i only charged him $20 to do his faucet, and, believe it or not, it's really water and wear-resistant) this is a simple idea, and YES it actually stays put long-term. (i scuffed them, painted them, and distressed them, then sealed them. after all of that, they are good to go!)

anyway, this is what they looked like to begin with: 

after i painted them, they looked like this: they were dark brown, then i did a lighter brown/bronze glaze on them (kind of hard to see in this pic), then did a sealer:

so that made me think, if you can do all that, then you could certainly produce your own hand-painted knobs for cool cabinets in the future. anthropologie sells really, REALLY cute knobs, but at upwards of $16 a pop, they're not really budget friendly, and what are you going to do with all your old knobs? let's face it, most knobs are pretty standard-looking, it just depends on what color they are painted. and when you start throwing flowers and birds into the mix, things can get SUPA DUPA cute. right? here are some ideas...


  1. so budget friendly. i will have to use that in my upcoming kitchen renovation. did you spray paint them or brush it on?

  2. yep! i sanded them (just scuff them up a bit with rough sanding block), then sprayed them with hardware spray. then, to get the dimensional, "antiqued" look, i sprayed the hardware (by rustoleum) paint out into a container, then used a brush to sort of dab it on. that way, it's not full-coverage, like spraypaint. good luck!

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