Monday, July 27, 2009

middle of the storm, some might say.

genius over here decided to strip a piece of furniture of its paint before we move out of our house (in THREE days). 

today, in between packing and finishing up a few canvas paintings and doing some estimates, i decided to go get some paint stripper. for some reason, i thought that the paint technology world had moved forward a little bit, and that the nightmarish stories you hear of stripping furniture were maybe in the past? not so, my friends, not so. at first i thought maybe this project was doomed, but i am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. right now, however, i still have my work cut out for me. 

here is the piece after i applied the paint stripper. of course, i decided to fore-go the "green" option, thinking that the ol' tried and true gross stuff would do the job quicker...if it did, i am not seeing the results. anyway, here is my bubbly blue paint peeling off... (which i painted right after we moved in here...doh!)
gross (and kind of cool)
i was really amused at my warty paint peeling. i was stupidly thinking it'd come off easily...
then, i began the gross process of scraping it. all i can say is ew. ew ew ew. it was gross. it's mainly gross because what the heck are you supposed to put this 'goo' into? that was the worst part. also, i got some stripper on my skin, and about 30 seconds after it touched, i was beginning to feel the burn. eek! i locked the cat in the back room, worried that he'd stick his little pink nose in it. here is some of the gross residue:
it came off the drawers fairly easily. flat surfaces are (obviously) much easier...
this is when i was thinking to myself, "well, i guess it could just have that 'anthropologie' look, all worn and old and gross..."
and this is pretty much where i left off. i ran out of sanding pads for my sander, and it got dark outside, so i couldn't see anymore. i think i will be able to just sand the rest off, though, and use  a stain that i bought (and didn't think i was going to be able to use, so that's a bonus) last week on it. 

here i am, distressed. anybody else ever tried stripping furniture? i think it'd be a little more fun if i weren't in a time crunch...


  1. I stipped a nightstand last week. I think I gave up 865,000 times. It's soooo much work but totally worth it.

  2. Oh no... This is definitely not something I need to see on a day before I'm gonna be striping two nightstands with lots of details and curves. :( Isn't there some kind of putty/wax stripping agent you can use that isn't so complicated as this gooey grossness?