Tuesday, July 7, 2009

for sale!

edit: SOLD!

i completed this little nightstand make-over yesterday. i painted this sweet little table in a mustard yellow (the same color as that office chair that i painted a while back...), then painted the drawers white, and did decorative painting on the tops and sides. i topped it all off with turquoise blue beaded knobs from anthropologie. 

i am asking 175.00 for the entire piece. if you are interested and live in a different state, you would also be responsible for shipping! (or pick-up, or whatever!)

the little white circular pattern that surrounds the sides (that i highlighted with white paint) is actually carved into the wood. it's very cute!

if you are interested, or want to make an offer, please email me at kristen.fountain@gmail.com

i will also post the dimensions later on...
detail shot of the knobs! (knobs could technically be changed out, if someone didn't like the color or whatever)

the paintings are fanciful, sort of just 'inspired' drawings that came to me while i was doing it. the top is mainly flowery/naturey (there are feathers, flowers, and a sunshine...)

this side has an octupus! along with flowers and leaves...

this side has a large leaf drawing with bubbles

detail of the top
the entire piece is painted with acrylics (except the drawers, which are oil), and sealed with a polyurethane sealer (three coats)


  1. I'm so jealous of the proud new owner of this awesome piece. SO. JEALOUS.

    All spending has been cut. That includes doggy paintings for the time being-- explanation will be up on Kindredly momentarily.

  2. oh..and I really need nightstands! gah!

  3. aw, thanks ashley :)

    i saw the $400-dollar ticket? that is terrible. I HATE COPS

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