Monday, July 27, 2009

beautiful beautiful inspiration para mi

packing is no fun, but coming up with new color schemes and fresh ideas is always the best. 

i'm thinking i'm going to go the all-white walls route, finally. all of these photos are taken from sfgirlbybay's photostream on flickr. a few months ago, i saw her house featured in a "better homes & gardens" magazine, and w
as just blown away. i had seen her blog before, but never seen the beautiful photos of her home. the crisp whites and funky, girly, vintage looks are right up my alley. plus, i love the incorporation of lots of wood and metal. and speaking of, this weekend i embarked on my first wood staining projects (those small nightstands and dresser i got a while back). today, i will pack and strip the paint off of my TV stand. stay tuned for pics (probably not until we move on friday!).

this frame is lovely. don't you love the thick matting?

i am always a fan of the grouping above the sofa. she said she constantly changes the placement of the artwork above her sofa, which i can appreciate :)
i, too, have a thing for vintage containers of all kinds. i got rid of a lot of stuff this weekend, but i am thinking i will be using lots of kitchen containers i can't part with for art supply storage in the new condo.
i know from her spread in BH&G that she ended up covering this weird brown tile with a laminate sticky paper of some kind. but don't you love the vintage coffee cups hanging on the little white tree? i need a tree like that for my excessive vintage coffee cup collection. they're just too hard to pass up at the thrift store when they're all so cute!

white on white on white on white