Monday, June 8, 2009

weekends in 'o8

i've been going through some old photos on my computer...i had saved some photos i took one weekend at my old apartment, when i lived by myself. every weekend, it got really dumpy and messy in there from me hanging out all weekend (it was realllly tiny!) i just thought i would share them here. for some reason, i like the vibe of them, and it's fun to see how i have saved items and reused them other places in my new house. 

.     .     .

my bedroom: tiny. white. bright light. i loved how bright it got in the mornings. this photo was taken in the evening though, i believe.

see?! mess! only took about two seconds to clean it up though. you are looking at all of the floor space i had. it was a teeny cave. i hung this yellow fabric on the wall in between the windows since i wasn't allowed to paint. my ceilings were, seriously, about 7 feet high. 

coffee table

the old faithful ikea bookshelf

paris on my couch
lamb and clear plastic containers on top of a cabinet in my bedroom.


  1. Love the Paris on your couch pic. You could even plot it out and frame it. Would look wonderful!!

  2. ha! i's a funny one. i actually have a few pics of different items casting different shadows, so i could make a little trio series! :)

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