Wednesday, June 3, 2009

tiny treasures

my mom is the number one yardsale queen of the universe. seriously. 

she's verrrrry good at finding me treasures (i think, deep down, she would probably like to keep some of these little woodland curiosities for herself, because they are cute & sweet to her, too) that are old and weird and lovely! much better than i am. anyway, behold! the sweetest little felt christmas elves you ever saw! i know my aunt julie is probably freaking out times 8 (the number of elves pictured here) about these guys, but i love them! 

they are all on my mantle here, but i think that either i will find another home for them, or save them for christmas time. the lady that my mom bought them from said that they were from her mother's house when she was a little girl, and they hid them around christmas time. special!
for now, i think i will just keep this one here with my other tiny treasures. don't be scared of my little skulls, please. (tooth pillow is from arrrt!)
mi madre also found me this turquoise ceramic mushroom to go with my wooden red mushroom she got me a while back.