Monday, June 29, 2009

tasteful decorative painting!

i'm so happy that decorative painting is popping up more and more places...and tastefully! 

look at these pics that i've been collecting from design*sponge....

Saturday, June 27, 2009

antiqued "vintage" fireplace

this is a fun project i completed this week! 

this fireplace was a little elegant for my client...she wanted something a bit more casual, and "fun", that would go with her (future) funky decor plans. check it!

before shot of the fireplace. it was a simple white mantle, with this tan marble. not funky! 
here it is after i applied the first coat of primer:
here it is after i applied stain and seal to make it look like old wood underneath:
and here it is after i applied the bright yellow paint on top, then rubbed back to make it look old. pretty great, if i do say so myself. i just love that it doesn't look new anymore, and that someone actually requested that i paint their fireplace yellow. here's to clients with fun decor and personalities! YESSSSSS

here's a shot of the entire thing, and i am going to get some good "Afters" when it's actually installed. they had cute white subway tile installed to replace the tan marble, so that's going to look even better. can't wait to show you guys the new look....
by the way, this is the person that requested that i paint her fireplace yellow :) she is a great photographer, check out her work at the link i provided, and if you are in the atlanta area, hit her up!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


so, looks like i got my wish, haha. 

i painted a frame with half-moons in the corners in the nursery of sweet baby hadley. the interior design work is by my friend, jessica duncan, who works at the store "urban market" off of howell mill, here in atlanta. she did a really beautiful job with the design (it's really natural and organic, but still elegant. i love her style!)

here is the "before" shot of hadley's initials floating (ha) over her bed..
and, here it is with the frame. they used restoration hardware colors, which i've never used before...loved 'em. (p.s. the paint is still a little wet in some places - hence, the weird little brush strokes you see!)

and here is a better shot of the room as a whole. isn't it pretty?

Monday, June 22, 2009

faux frames

love the painted linework panels on these walls...anybody want me to do this at their house? :)

(i don't have a credit for these photos, sorry!)

Sunday, June 21, 2009


i went to visit my brother in DC a long time ago, when he first moved there...i took 2 pics the whole time, and just came across them...look at this installation i took a pic of (i don't remember which museum we were at! sorry.)...doesn't it look like my star decorations i made? haha..

and, for fun, check out this coathanger installation!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

faux painting trix

recent job i completed...i posted about this before, but never got before/after pics from the kitchen. this isn't actually the final after picture, but it's a nice one for now! the cabinets "before" were white MDF, with loooots of water damage. i sanded them down a LOT, primed them, then applied the faux painting technique to  make them look like mahogany-stained wood...pretty good transformation, no?

ice atlanta

sorry i've been spotty with my posting lately - things have been busy! anyway, a couple of weeks ago, i went to ICE here in atlanta, and it was really great. i think i might apply next year for my jewelry and custom furniture. anyway, my favorite artist there was the creator of this little treasure: a pink hedgehog ring dish! (or whatever kind of dish you want it to be)

vessels and wares was the name of the artist. i loved her cupcake and cake stands as well, and how cute is this little scalloped dish? her work is great. i love that it's pottery, but it doesn't feel heavy or too "hippie" to me. 

here is mika with my little setup

Monday, June 15, 2009

baby chase's nursery

baby chase's room: airplane theme!

i painted this over the weekend...

i copied the airplanes on his bedding from pottery barn, exactly....they're sweet little airplanes! 

Saturday, June 13, 2009

wedding earrings

a couple of months ago, i received a few commissions to do jewelry for bridal parties and brides. i wanted to share a few photos from nikkie's wedding in san francisco. she wanted me to make 5 different pairs of earrings, that had similar style, but not all exactly the same. unfortunately, i didn't capture really great photos (don't you love how you can see my trashcan and recycling bins in the background?), but i thought i would share them with you guys anyway!

here are 3 pairs of the bridesmaid's earrings. the light is really bright in this picture, but the pair in the center are actually a brownish color. i used a lot of chartreuse semi-precious stones as well, which i love!
here is the bride's pair. i love that she wasn't afraid to have color, and didn't go with the traditional set of pearls!
here is nikkie! isn't she beautiful? soo happy :)
and, for good measure, look where she got married! the san francisco bay. beautiful!

Friday, June 12, 2009

chalkboard with border

look how cute this chalkboard is...i wanna paint one like this on my wall! it'd be very cute to make a really big one like this, too...

i think have a job coming up soon that will involve some cool kitchen-backsplash's gonna be great! can't wait to share my pics when it's complete :)

(photo from design*sponge)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

german pups

i just finished this commissioned dog portrait of fritz, hans and otto (are those not the cutest dog names ever?). they are going in a home with lots of lime greens and pinks, so they were accented with those colors! again, it's hard to capture the true depth of color and shadows with photographs, but i thought i'd post one anyway!

and here is the picture i worked from:

*if anyone is ever interested in a portrait, i take commissions from anywhere (can ship, too!). my prices are very reasonable, so don't be scared! contact:

Monday, June 8, 2009

weekends in 'o8

i've been going through some old photos on my computer...i had saved some photos i took one weekend at my old apartment, when i lived by myself. every weekend, it got really dumpy and messy in there from me hanging out all weekend (it was realllly tiny!) i just thought i would share them here. for some reason, i like the vibe of them, and it's fun to see how i have saved items and reused them other places in my new house. 

.     .     .

my bedroom: tiny. white. bright light. i loved how bright it got in the mornings. this photo was taken in the evening though, i believe.

see?! mess! only took about two seconds to clean it up though. you are looking at all of the floor space i had. it was a teeny cave. i hung this yellow fabric on the wall in between the windows since i wasn't allowed to paint. my ceilings were, seriously, about 7 feet high. 

coffee table

the old faithful ikea bookshelf

paris on my couch
lamb and clear plastic containers on top of a cabinet in my bedroom.

design*sponge, sneak peek

ok, i swear i don't send a picture of everything i do into design*sponge...but here is my sneak peek from today! my house is really colorful...


i'm home!

we had a really great family vacation! i will have some more bloggage later on, but for now, my coffee table: 

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

outta here

goin' to vegas for a few days to celebrate my baby brother's 21st birthday!

catch you guys lataaa...

*image borrowed from flickr

tiny treasures

my mom is the number one yardsale queen of the universe. seriously. 

she's verrrrry good at finding me treasures (i think, deep down, she would probably like to keep some of these little woodland curiosities for herself, because they are cute & sweet to her, too) that are old and weird and lovely! much better than i am. anyway, behold! the sweetest little felt christmas elves you ever saw! i know my aunt julie is probably freaking out times 8 (the number of elves pictured here) about these guys, but i love them! 

they are all on my mantle here, but i think that either i will find another home for them, or save them for christmas time. the lady that my mom bought them from said that they were from her mother's house when she was a little girl, and they hid them around christmas time. special!
for now, i think i will just keep this one here with my other tiny treasures. don't be scared of my little skulls, please. (tooth pillow is from arrrt!)
mi madre also found me this turquoise ceramic mushroom to go with my wooden red mushroom she got me a while back. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

baby oakleigh's room

here is another baby nursery i recently did. it's another sweet white tree, but this time i added a nice brown bird, and a plump little squirrel.