Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"vintage" '60's star remake DIY

so, i saw these awesome 60's stars at lee kleinhelter's atlanta-based store, pieces. (looovely store, by the way, i love everything in it!) 
the prices aren't awful, just not do-able for me right now. soo, i decided to DIY-it. (does anyone hate that term yet? if so - sorry)

here are my supplies: small styrofoam balls (actually, probably would've turned out better if i'd have used a littttttle bit smaller ones), metallic spray-paint, and two sizes of dowel rods from the wood crafts section at the craft store. i made two different sized stars - hence the two different dowel sizes. (i ended up not using the scissors)

after trying to cut the longer dowels in half, then trying to saw them in half, i realized i could just snap them in half with my hands. RAWR!!! so i did that to all of the long ones. 

i just started putting the dowels into the styrofoam pointy (aka, the broken part, not the flat part)-side in. i did them all directly across from each other, on different sides of the sphere to begin with, just to get as much symmetry as i could. then, i eventually started just putting them in all over, to fill all empty space.

see how they're across from each other? sort of pattern-ey?

they're everywhere! i filled them in even more than this,but almost done here...

then, i spraypainted them with the gold metallic paint. i think it would be cool to do a bright color, too, but for the purpose of getting them to resemble the '60's grouping, i used gold. i think it would probably be better to use a thicker styrofoam, too (the floral kind), so that it absorbs the paint better, rather than sinking in. 

here it is in my house! yay! they would be really cute hanging as well, with a clear string hanging from the center. there are certainly tweaks that could be made to improve them a bit, but for now, i like them how they are. 


  1. Wow, this is so much fun! Thanks so much for sharing the steps, I'll be linking.

  2. Very cool! I think it would be really fun to make these. thanks for sharing. :)

  3. rachel- thanks!! :) i hope your readers enjoy!

    lisalyn- no problem, im glad you like the idea. i love your birdie header on your blog too! :)

  4. First of all way to be gutsy and just decide, hey I can make that. Way to go, nice job. I just love the look and am definitely going to try it. Thanks

  5. That's a really cool idea! Thanks for sharing it with us. They are awesome!

  6. Those are cool! I bet those long, skinny, shish kabob
    skewers would work well too!!

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