Tuesday, May 19, 2009

tissue paper flowers

i've been home the past 2 days with a really painful pinched nerve or something in my neck - it's making me terribly bored and irritable, so i had to do something creative to get my mind off of it!

i decided to do a little tissue paper flower tutorial, because i thought it might be something you guys would enjoy, and they seem to be all the rage on the internets these days. martha stewart has a craft packet with instructions & supplies on how to make them, but the packet is $25, and i'm pretty sure all that's in there is paper and some wire. my mom taught me how to make these flowers when i was little, so i'm sharin' the love! 

here are some images from flickr when i searched for 'tissue paper flowers' - ideas for what to do with your flowers when you are done: 

use them as small floral centerpieces for a table:

hang 'em from the ceiling for whimsy at a child's birthday party (or for any reason, if you're me)

hang them outdoors as a sort of lightweight lantern look for above a table

aaand for my tutorial:

1. buy any type of tissue paper. mine came in a packet of 8 sheets (from target). i also needed heavy duty wire, a pair of regular scissors, and wire-cutters.
2. i cut it into 1/4 just for easy-viewing purposes, but if you want to make a big tissue paper flower, use all of the entire large sheets in the packet. you are going to want to keep all 8 sheets together, and make sure they all line up.
3. fold all of the sheets together fan-style. the more sheets you use, the fluffier and fuller your flower.
4. once your flower is all folded pull the ends together, and...
5. snip off the ends into a half moon shape, so that your flower "petals" are scalloped in the end...
6. get some heavy-duty wire and loop it over the center of the "fan". twist it around itself to create a heavy "stem" for the flower that will hold up well.
7. start un-folding the little "petals" one at a time (carefully!) to create the full, circular flower.
8. done! you can hang it upside down by simply twisting your wire onto a hook or nail coming from the ceiling, or fold the bottom of your wire under to create a stem base. 


  1. nicely done kristen. i'm a sucker and bought ol' martha's kit. it came with leaves and gardening tape?? sticky green tape to cover the wire. and some balls to shape petals. it's pretty cute but too expensive (i got a clearanced pack that someone opened or something) so it's great that you've got a simple, inexpensive,lovely idea. woohoo! hope your neck feels better soon!

  2. leaves? hmph! i guess you could make some leaves for it? and buy some gardening tape or green tape for the stem. i like the idea of hanging them with ribbon, too. TELL YOU WHAT, THERE ARE JUST ENDLESS OPPORTUNITIES HERE!! haha.

  3. You're so crafty.....I want to be crafty!

    Cute idea.

  4. hehe, thanks! perhaps you should embark on your own tissue flower extravaganza??

  5. Um...I am doing this. As soon as I get some time to be crafty and cute, I am doing this.

  6. haha, do it! i love the idea of making lots of really big ones and hanging them from the ceiling...when i get a minute to be cute and crafty, i'm gonna do that, too...

  7. Ah! Thanks so much for this tutorial! A lot of the other sites I looked at made it seem much more difficult, but your steps were simple and easy to follow. I'm going to put a bunch of these flowers as table centerpieces at my wedding for a fun look. (And also to cut the flower costs!) Thanks again!

  8. All my friends bought that Martha kit for their nurseries to hang over a crib and I would love to send them this link! Thanks!

  9. Kristen! I love that you shared this great project with the world! Thank you so much! I'm an expecting mother from Miami, FL looking for inexpensive decorative ideas for my baby shower. These flowers you created are beautiful and perfect! You are a blessing!

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