Saturday, May 30, 2009


so, i've decided that yardsale-attending must be my destiny, because if i don't go to them - they come to me. i looked out my front door this morning to find these 3 beauties sitting in a neighbor's yardsale! for all 3 of these pretty mid-century (and really heavy, real wood) pieces i paid only $15! i plan on sanding them and refinishing them since they are pretty scratched and worn, but i love them, and i love that they are true mid-century pieces. plus, i can't wait to try my hand at wood refinishing. 

sorry for the bad quality of these photos - my bedroom is very dark, except for that one window, so it makes photos really grainy. hopefully when i refinish them i will be able to get some better photos...anyway, it's 2 nightstands and a 3-drawer dresser.


  1. They're are going to look beautiful! What a great deal you've got! Can't wait to see them painted!

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