Sunday, May 31, 2009

more chalkboard fun...

i had this old mirror sitting around, so i thought i'd turn it into a chalkboard too...(the chalkboard spraypaint is dangerous...a little too easy to turn anything and everything into a chalkboard...)

before - the frame of the mirror is supposed to look like wood, but it's really foam. i do really like the wood look (i thought it was really 'anthropologie' when i got it), so if i ever decide to go back to the wood look, i can just faux paint it, since that's what was on there anyway...
after! sorry it's so grainy again...i think the morning light at my house is a little intense, coupled with my simple canon camera quality. you get the drift, though!


  1. You'll be happy to know that I bought a really cool frame at a yard sale just to turn it into a chalkboard. Proud?

  2. i'm verrrrrry proud of you. now go paint an entire room of your child's with chalkboard paint :)

  3. I'm chalkboard crazy too. Something so wierdly chic about them. Doors, walls, cabinets. Look OUT!
    I gotta catch up with your blog. Good stuff.

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