Monday, May 11, 2009

how to make tiny flag garland

when my little paper flag garland was on design*sponge, i had a few people email me asking how to make the tiny flag garland, so here's a little tutorial i made. 

1. fold your paper in half, long-ways.  (i used left over kraft paper and string i already had for this little example photoshoot)
2. cut the flag out so that the folded part is in the inside (the bottom of the triangle, if you will) of the flag
3. cut lots of little flaggies
4. apply glue from hot glue gun starting at the very center of the fold on the inside of your flag and on down to the point of the "triangle"
5. quickly press the flag into the string at the "bottom" of the triangle (too bad i was bad at math and can't remember the names of the parts of the triangle. sorry, miss hickey. yes, her name was miss hickey. great for a bunch of 10th-grade boys)

6. hold up your cute new flag garland you made and be happy!


if anyone has any questions, you can feel free to email me at! i don't mind answering them :)


  1. no prob! hope it all makes sense!

  2. this garland is such an easy DIY decoration. i'm glad i discovered your blog!

  3. oh - i had no idea it was this simple!! i tend to overcomplicate things : ) thanks so much for sharing!! here's another question for you - would this work with felt also? obviously, i wouldn't fold it over, but instead attach 2 different colors on each side so that if it flipped, it would look good. i guess i'll just have to play around with it this weekend.. thanks again!

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  5. I'm in the process of making over my daughter's room...she about to be 5, but the room is looking very '16'. I think a flag garland in all the fabrics of her room is required. Thanks for the tips. Hope it works the same with fabric. :)

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