Monday, May 4, 2009

farewell paperie

my friend, lisa, and her business partner jen, have created a wonnnnderful paperie company that i want to tell you guys about! 

they create custom stationery, announcements and invitations for allll needs & events. how cute is this stuff? i love the tactile elements they add - it ain't just ink anymore, babies. 

check out farewell paperie for more info, and for their full portfolio.

* * * 

look at the soft sweet fluffy elements on this wedding invite...i love the white contrasted with the dark chocolate brown. 

look at this AWESOME wedding weekend in memphis invite! how cool are the record & guitar pic pieces? i love this.

dont you love the different color combo of this chartreuse green and grey? so chic and different. beautiful!
and, obviously, this pig bbq invite is as hilarious as it is cute! i love the circus-ey font. i'm a sucker for a good font, anyday!