Tuesday, May 5, 2009

dog portraiture

my friend commissioned (funny word to use when referring to a friend, no?) me to paint her sweet dog that passed away a few weeks ago as a gift for her dad for his birthday. 



  1. you can tell by the eyes that he was a sweet dog. Once a lady told me that she learned at a young age to never look animals in the eyes because she would fall in love with them. I kinda agree.

  2. it was really hard to do his eyes since there is such a red-eye issue on the picture! i hope it translates well - i think it translates better in person than via the photograph :)

  3. omg!!!! Can you do Marley and Mia for me??? I LOOOOVE THIS. Let's discuss.

  4. oh, and I think his eyes are darling, and I'm really sad for her family.

  5. aww, thanks ashley...i know, i got really sad when i was painting him, because i felt like i got to know him while i was painting! :( sad.

  6. oh, and email me if you want a dog painting! kristen.fountain@gmail.com

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