Sunday, May 3, 2009

dining room

i've been doing quite a lot of things in the dining room lately...trying to make it better, since i kind of hated it for a while. there are a lot of improvements i'd like to make, but since we're renters, a lot of them are just unneccessary at this point. so i do my best to make it pretty to me, without going over the top. 

here is the bar that i blogged about a few days ago. i love my glass pink elephant stirrers from z gallerie, and my cute pig wine bottle opener (not sure where it's from - was a gift for my 21st bday!)
painting of canyons. found this on the side of the road. hung string on it and voila!
view of little bar nook from behind the table. that dining room light is blinding. i HATE that chandelier. it is totally bare now - i am trying to take the eye awayyyy from it! i painted that mirror white (it was bright gold - found at ross for $30!) and really love the graphic punch it gives with our chocolate walls.
all the glass! the 'j' and 'k' are from our wedding. i love my vintage turquoise tea set and vintage turquoise plates, cups and saucers.
a little birdie sketch i did (i know - you can barely see it. my camera does NOT photograph well in areas without much natural light. so grainy! ugh!) and a painting titled 'snake charmer' i found at a thrift store. i love hanging paintings without frames.
2 paintings and a sweet little child's toy found at a thrift store. oh - and you can kind of see the bottom of the buffet here. it's 'craftsman' style and is jordan's moms. the style goes really nicely with this house, but i would like to break up some of allllll the wood in our dining room by getting some knobs from anthropologie to put on the doors & drawers. 
i just recently got these lamps at home depot. i know! HOME DEPOT?! craziness. they are total jonathan adler rip-off's. i hate to support ripping off, but he himself said he takes it as a form of flattery (though some stores have taken it to an unfortunate extreme...ahem, target, ahem...), so i guess it's okay until i can afford the real thing. obviously i need new curtains, and that area above the lamp on the right has been a problem spot since we moved in. i always feel like that space should be filled, but in order to keep the buffet in the middle of the wall, it has to be centered like that. i will figure it out. it's kind of a fun challenge, anyway. that pink dish is a 1950's paisley-shaped piece that my mom gave me (i think?). i love it! it has little gold specs in it.  
a little fake-flower arrangement i recently put together. i love the gumball sticks and the green ball flowers together. i think using this type of 'flowers' keeps the look from being cheesy, since they are fake flowers. oh, and again, jonathan adler rip off vase from michael's. i gotta stop supporting these things. 

don't you just love these little people salt & pepper shakers? i've blogged about them before. my mimi gave them to me, and they are family pieces. they are some of my most prized possessions! they have little faces. i love them.
simple table with our cat, mika. i have contemplated putting something on that wall many times, but it just works best as negative space. it's uneven, and again, the unbalance throws me off. i like it empty. 


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  3. I love how you've decorated the area around the window. And the lamps look terrific - Home Depot or not, perfect place for them!

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