Friday, May 8, 2009

daily candy, round dos

had to post the entire article because i love the way they write:

"Partying like a rock star is one thing. Being mistaken for a curb-kicked Bret Michaels’s roadie is another. (Cat-eyed and cougarish, yes. Shoeless, miniskirted, and menopausal, no.)

No reason why your wardrobe has to be one-note. Kick things up a notch with unexpected jewelry by Kristen F. Davis.

The local artist’s hardened antique lace bib necklaces and satin bows strung on brass chain are what first caught our eye. Nested stone cocktail rings, silky fringe earrings, and whimsical wire wording (“honeymustard” or “mayo”) round out the quirky collection.

And Davis never shies away from refurbing heirloom knickknacks into more current custom styles.

Music to our ears. And just the right kind of remake."

Available at Salon Red, 1642 Dekalb Avenue, Candler Park (404-373-2868); online at


  1. for real???

    This is your second feature in Daily Candy. Do it to it!!!

  2. thaaaaanks! it was awesome, i was super excited. it's funny to be written about :)