Friday, May 1, 2009

custom-painted vintage boxes

so here are some more recent custom painting projects i've done. my client found these old crates at an antique store, and she wanted me to maintain their vintage integrity while giving them an updated pop of color. she is going to hang them in her bathroom to use as storage space. cute idea, huh? i hope to get a pic of them when she actually hangs them on the wall. 

if any one is interested, i do things like this for very reasonable pricing. each of these were painted for around $15! 


after! see how they still look 'old', but are definitely way more colorful and fun than they were before?
i love how the words from the box show through here:

the woodgrain under the turquoise is pretty! i used a cool wax technique to keep 'antique lines' on the edges of the boxes here.