Sunday, May 24, 2009

bike mural for baby

sooo, i haven't posted anything in a few days because i was on a little beach vacation (yay)...sorry for the absense (if anyone cares?)!

anyway, i couldn't help but re-post these pics from a recent this young house blog.
being a decorative painter for mainly kids' rooms, it's totally inspiring and refreshing to see this bike mural on the wall for a baby boy. i love that the parents used a more 'grown-up' look, rather than something "baby-ish" for their little bebe. the child can definitely grow into it, and it keeps it from getting old fast. i love this!

i also had to post the other "after" pic..isn't the geometric mobile and brown glider great? love that it's not all lambs and lace. :)


  1. Yes we care! This painting is soooo pretty! Love it!

  2. love it, too. i love using a solid color to do a sort of "silhouette" of something...not too childish, and is more decorative than real.