Friday, April 10, 2009

faux woodgraining

this is the job that i am working on right now. the client has several pieces of cabinetry throughout his home that are made of MDF (not real wood - almost like condensed particle-board, sprayed with white paint, incase you aren't familiar) that i am faux-painting to look like real wood. it's kind of cool, so i thought i'd share some pics:


water damage & chipping around the cabinets... had to sand it all down (notice the knobs and hinges - painted those too!):

annnnnd, after!

detail of cabinetry area:
(the hinges that i painted are already on, still haven't placed the newly painted knobs back on yet)


  1. You did a fantastic job.

    What did you use to paint/stain your cabinets?

  2. thanks! i thought it was cool to see it look like it was going from gross-looking white to a "stain."

    its a faux-painting actually paint them a wood color underneath (all on top of the white), then use a product for faux painting that makes it look like they have been stained. i have done about 3 layers or so on these cabinets, and i made a custom mix for the client. :)

    i could give you a more detailed run-down if you want it!!

  3. Um... HELLO AMAZING!!!!

    I think this house was made of MDF but didn't think it was possible to paint it... Did you kilz it first? I noticed some of the areas looked worn - did you sand them down?

    You are so good :) Little Anna Claire's room is in good hands... BTW - I finally picked the wall paint color and fabric so now I can start thinking about WHAT to paint....

  4. hehe, thanks pam, you are sweet. i love complements from you!! haha.

    yes, i had to do a looooot of sanding on the entire thing. there were chew-marks and water damage and blahblahblah (plus, the mdf HAS to be sanded before you can even prime it, really). i used an oil-based tinted primer as the base-coat before i did the faux "stain" (it's not really stain, but similar).

    if you wanted to simply paint the mdf (that's what i would probably do if i had it everywhere), you can definitely sand it well, then prime it, then paint it however you like!

    i can't wait do to baby anna claire's (are you guys calling her both names?) room!! i am doing a little girls room this weekend! weee!! i will post pics when it's done :)

  5. greeeat work. your client sure is lucky to have your sweet skillzzzz. :):)